Turbulence - burn bad mind

"The ITCZ is a meeting point of the trade winds from either hemisphere," a Met Office spokesman said. "It straddles the equator, moving according to the goes round the world but is more pronounced across the Atlantic. You have a lot of moist ascending air due to the heat from the sun on the sea. Where the trade winds meet, they have to go ­somewhere and so they go upwards. It is rather like a car in a crash which crumples up. The result is violent storms."

"We had aircraft and aviation warnings in place as early as 3am on Thursday and they were valid at the time of the incident yesterday afternoon," Bradley Santos from the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Turbulence - Burn Bad MindTurbulence - Burn Bad MindTurbulence - Burn Bad MindTurbulence - Burn Bad Mind