Secrets secrets volume 1

Desperate to lose his virginity, Sou makes a bargain by summoning a devil named Kogure from the underworld to help with the deed. However, when Sou discovers that Kogure is a boy rather than a girl, he flees the underworld. Thinking that the ordeal is over, Sou returns home only to find that Kogure is there - and determined to stay - until the bargain that they made is satisfied! Unwilling to give up his virginity, Sou tries to figure out a way to nullify the agreement, but finds himself blocked by Kogure. Kogure insinuates himself into Sou's life and is willing to do whatever it takes to win Sou over. But how will Sou handle a devil in his life?

Volume 1 in the "SummerHill Secrets" series holds five books about Merry Hanson, a modern 15-year-old girl living in Lancaster, Pa., near Amish country. Through each book, Merry is challenged in her relationships with others and with her faith in God.

Secrets Secrets Volume 1Secrets Secrets Volume 1Secrets Secrets Volume 1Secrets Secrets Volume 1